Building a business garden...


Initially, it was fear. “I can’t do that.” How will I get product? What if nobody likes my ideas? Starting a project always has its challenges, but perhaps the most difficult challenge is “self-doubt.”

I love to garden and have two, big raised beds in which I raise my favorite veggies every year. Right now, they’re both covered in last year’s weeds because I wasn’t sure if I’d be moving. So it’s like starting over. Weed, weed, weed, and weed some more.  Ahhhh, there’s the fertile soil. So what does that have to do with starting a project or a new business…everything!









It’s not successful yet, but for the past two years, I’ve been planting and maintaining some pretty good ideas, designs and products that I think of as my “business garden.” And, “it” requires most of the same elements as my veggie garden.

Starting with my own photography, I created some T-shirt designs that had tremendous local appeal, some with titles, some without. With a few samples in hand, I approached many local merchants, some of whom liked what they saw. Despite a few dozen rejections, those who chose to carry my shirts did very well. Honestly, my biggest fear was opening my front door and meeting rejection.

Anyway, as I look back to the beginning (that started as an idea), Dogs Up A Tree Enterprises has come a long way. I hope that you will find the courage to open your own front door and get out there and present your own ideas. With daily persistence, the fruits of your labors will be very satisfying because the sweetness of small successes will have come from your own hard work! Now go plant your own ideas and think of the wonderful, continual harvest!

Happy Planting,

Peter C. Yalanis, Dogs Up A Tree Enterprises



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